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Saturday January 20, 2018

Arkansas lawsuits are now underway for serious Risperdal side effects in children and adolescents. Risperdal (or risperidone) is a powerful antipsychotic medication approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism. Doctors may prescribe the drug for other uses. Medical studies have recently confirmed, however, that Risperdal poses an increased risk to young patients of male breast growth, a condition known as gynecomastia.

Our Risperdal attorneys have begun pursuing lawsuits against the drug's manufacturer on behalf of Arkansas or other victims who experienced troubling side effects such as gynecomastia after taking risperidone. Call (888) 849-5117 or send a message using our brief online form to receive a legal consultation about your case at no cost.

Lawsuits from Arkansas Not Part of Risperdal Class Action

Product-related injury claims like those involving Risperdal are often thought to be structured as a class action lawsuit. No Risperdal class action lawsuit has been formed in the United States. Rather, each victim from Arkansas who experienced breast growth while taking Risperdal would file suit individually in the appropriate state or federal court.

In the typical class action case, each plaintiff is placed in a pre-designated category according to their general type of injury. At the end of the lawsuit, each plaintiff in that category receives the same amount in compensation. In the current Risperdal litigation, each plaintiff files a separate lawsuit and is awarded compensation according to the unique risperidone side effects he suffered and legal damages he incurred. Our risperidone lawyers believe that individual Risperdal lawsuits afford Arkansas plaintiffs a more accurate and thorough means of compensation than could be achieved under a Risperdal class action.

Risperdal Lawsuits Allege Illegal Promotion

Young patients who used Risperdal in Arkansas and other U.S. markets may have been subjected to illegal promotion of the drug. The manufacturer of any drug may only promote medication for uses approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA first approved risperidone for use by Arkansas children and adolescents in 2006. Evidence now shows that the manufacturer may have encouraged physicians to prescribe Risperdal to children well before receiving regulatory approval to do so.

Risperdal lawsuits allege that such illegal (or "off-label") promotion subjected Arkansas and other U.S. consumers to an unnecessary risk of risperidone side effects. Our lawyers are also investigating whether Risperdal itself is defectively designed and poses an unreasonable risk of male breast growth to Arkansas users regardless of whether the drug was lawfully promoted. Other alleged legal grounds include negligence, failure to warn, and breach of warranties.

Consultations for Arkansas Victims

Our Risperdal lawyers are recognized leaders in defective drug and medical device litigation. One of our experienced risperidone attorneys can provide a prompt evaluation of your case at no cost. Call (888) 849-5117 or reach us online at any time to get legal help.

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