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Saturday January 20, 2018

Risperdal is a powerful antipsychotic medication often prescribed to children and adolescents. Since its release on the U.S. market, an increasing number of young men and boys report abnormal breast growth known as gynecomastia. Individuals who wish to consult a Risperdal class action lawyer about their potential claim can reach our office at (888) 849-5117 or online at any time.

Risperdal Class Action Not Yet Formed

Claims involving widely used products like Risperdal are often thought to be part of a class action lawsuit. A Risperdal class action lawsuit, however, has not been established. Rather, each Risperdal plaintiff files suit individually in the appropriate state or federal court. Cases are then resolved by settlement or other means according to the specific facts of each case.

While a Risperdal class action has not been formed, individual Risperdal lawsuits may still be coordinated with one another in other ways. For instance, over 200 risperidone lawsuits are now pending in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas. These cases have been centralized for management before a single judge given the common issues of law and fact that apply to all Risperdal cases across Pennsylvania. Unlike a Risperdal class action lawsuit, however, each of these cases will be litigated and compensated according to its own merits.

As the number of Risperdal lawsuits grows nationwide, other states may similarly centralize their cases in order to more quickly and cost-effectively resolve claims. These proceedings become known as "mass tort" or "multicounty" actions.

As in state court, cases filed in federal court may also be coordinated should a future need arise. Under federal law 28 U.S.C. § 1407, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation may consolidate Risperdal lawsuits across the country before a single U.S. district court judge. Such matters become known as a multidistrict litigation (or MDL). The MDL process would offer the same benefits as a state mass tort without formation of a Risperdal class action lawsuit.

Mass Tort Compared to Risperdal Class Action

Complex pharmaceutical litigation like that involving risperidone is not well suited for class action proceedings. In a Risperdal class action lawsuit, each plaintiff who suffered a particular type of injury would be placed in a pre-designated category. Each category would represent a general type of Risperdal class action injury. At the end of the lawsuit, each plaintiff in a given category would receive the same amount in compensation.

On the other hand, in a multicounty (state court) or multidistrict (federal court) Risperdal litigation, each individual plaintiff receives compensation based on the specific facts of his case and the particular legal damages he suffered. Given the complicated nature of risperidone side effects such as gynecomastia and its unique impact on victims' lives, our lawyers believe individual lawsuits offer a more just and thorough means of compensation than could be achieved under a Risperdal class action.

Finding a Qualified Risperidone Class Action Lawyer

Our Risperdal lawyers are experienced in both mass tort and class action cases. In the absence of a Risperdal class action lawsuit, our attorneys can provide a prompt evaluation of your individual claim at no cost. Call (888) 849-5117 or use our online form to speak with our lawyers today.

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